Richard Von Alvensleben Offers Simple Tips for Snowmobile Safety

When not busy with his work as the Chief Executive Officer and Sales Manager of LKT, Inc. (d.b.a. OneUP Construction), Richard Von Alvensleben enjoys a number of hobbies, including snowmobiling with his family in northern California’s mountainous landscape. Below, Mr. Von Alvensleben offers a few tips for staying safe in the seat of a snowmobile.

First and foremost, be sure to prepare ahead of time for the ride. Obviously, snow is required, but you will want to avoid weather that is too intense. Your state’s Department of Natural Resources will often include trail conditions and maps on its website, so take advantage of these services and plan your ride before you go out. You will also need the proper attire: a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet and facemask, layered clothing, and specialized snowmobile gear.

When out on the trail, be sure to maintain safe speeds and stay to the right on trails. Never drink and ride. Alcohol has been involved in the vast majority of fatal snowmobile accidents. You should also never ride alone or with only one snowmobile; if you become stranded, help may not be able to reach you for a considerable period of time. Stay on the trail to avoid trespassing on private property and for safety, especially as hidden off-trail lakes may have thin ice.


Richard Von Alvensleben and Von Vesting, Inc.

Founded in California in 2010, Von Vesting, Inc., serves investors in collaboration with LKT, Inc., and the American Redevelopment Fund, LP. A real estate redevelopment fund, Von Vesting specializes in assisting clients with property investments from the initial purchase through the renovation process and the conclusion of the selling contract, often attaining greatly improved returns on the initial expenditure for any given property. Richard Von Alvensleben holds responsibilities as the Construction Manager and Sales Manager.

Headquartered in the city of Rocklin, Von Vesting serves the Sacramento area, with office hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call 916-625-0235.

About Richard Von Alvensleben:

Possessing a wide background in businesses ranging from sales and technology to construction and real estate, Richard Von Alvensleben has founded a number of companies. Leveraging extensive experience in renovation, Mr. Von Alvensleben has purchased and restored more than 1,500 properties during his career.

Snowmobile Safety Fact Sheet, By Richard Von Alvensleben

Snowmobiles can be great for recreational activity as well as a viable mode of transportation in some rugged parts of America. Despite an increase in safety education, however, snowmobile accidents are still prevalent and result in about 14,000 injuries and 200 deaths every year. Frequent snowmobile rider Richard Von Alvensleben provides some safety information so you can avoid serious injury the next time you take to the snow.

1. Do not drink alcohol: Alcohol consumption can impair judgment and reflexes, leading to an increased chance of snowmobile accidents.

2. Not just accidents: Other injuries associated with snowmobiles include hearing loss due to exposure to engine noise and “white finger syndrome,” which affects joints, muscles, and nerves in the hand after prolonged vibration.

3. Helmets work: An approved helmet not only protects your head from injury, but it is also a key element in avoiding exposure to the cold.

4. Make a plan: Let people know where you are going and when you plan on returning before you head out on a snowmobile trip. Do not go out on excursions alone unless it’s an emergency.

Richard Von Alvensleben is Chief Executive Officer and Sales Manager at OneUP Construction in Rocklin, California. The company purchases, renovates, and resells distressed properties. Mr. Von Alvensleben enjoys riding snowmobiles with his family in the mountains of Northern California.

House Flipping with Richard Von Alvensleben

The distressed housing market of the last few years has reinvigorated a particular type of home sales strategy: house flipping. Richard Von Alvensleben, Chief Executive Officer and Sales Manager of OneUP Construction, provides some insights into this potentially lucrative strategy.

Question: What is the basic concept of house flipping?
Von Alvensleben: Essentially, house flipping involves purchasing a house, making any necessary repairs or upgrades, and then quickly putting it back on the market for a profit.

Q: How do you make a profit on the sale?
RVA: This is where the strategy comes in. The key to being a good “flipper” is to buy homes that do not sell themselves well but are not in need of too much work. Sometimes relatively minor changes to important areas like kitchens or bathrooms or a simple but professional landscaping job can add great value to the house. The other key to making a profit is being able to get rid of the house quickly. Renovating something you can’t sell eats up all your profits and then some.

Q: What types of improvements does a flipper typically look for?
RVA: Homes that need aesthetic work, such as new cabinets or countertops, plumbing or light fixtures, or window treatments are great prospects for flipping. Homes that need even simpler renovations such as landscaping, carpeting, or a fresh coat of paint are even better choices.

Q: Are there homes that prospective buyers should not attempt to flip?
RVA: Houses that need a lot of structural work, electrical work, and internal plumbing will be more difficult to make a profit on when flipping.

Richard Von Alvensleben has resold more than 1,500 renovated properties in the last ten years and has been with OneUP Construction since 2011. In 2008, his best year, he flipped more than 450 houses.

Del Oro High School Builds Community Spirit

By Richard Von Alvensleben

Del Oro High School serves as a focal point for social activities in Loomis, California. Located east of Sacramento and north of Roseville, this rural community borders the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. About 1,600 students attend grades 9 through 12. Del Oro’s traditions have created a strong sense of community and to such a degree that many alumni come back here to pursue teaching careers. Furthermore, parents who are Del Oro alumni choose to send their children to the school.

Home of the Golden Eagles, Del Oro High School boasts a rich tradition of competitive athletic programs. About 40 percent of the student body participates in interscholastic sports. The school will soon break ground for a contemporary aquatics complex, and seating renovations will be made to Golden Eagle Stadium. Del Oro High School students compete in the Sierra Foothills League and the San Joaquin Section of the California Interscholastic Federation. In the last 10 years, school athletes have won 50 Sierra Foothills League championships and 16 San Joaquin Section championships.

About the Author:

Richard Von Alvensleben volunteers his time at Del Oro High School and donates to the football and baseball programs. Mr. Alvensleben serves as CEO and Sales Manager at his company, One Up Construction, based in Rocklin, California.

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