Snowmobile Safety Fact Sheet, By Richard Von Alvensleben

Snowmobiles can be great for recreational activity as well as a viable mode of transportation in some rugged parts of America. Despite an increase in safety education, however, snowmobile accidents are still prevalent and result in about 14,000 injuries and 200 deaths every year. Frequent snowmobile rider Richard Von Alvensleben provides some safety information so you can avoid serious injury the next time you take to the snow.

1. Do not drink alcohol: Alcohol consumption can impair judgment and reflexes, leading to an increased chance of snowmobile accidents.

2. Not just accidents: Other injuries associated with snowmobiles include hearing loss due to exposure to engine noise and “white finger syndrome,” which affects joints, muscles, and nerves in the hand after prolonged vibration.

3. Helmets work: An approved helmet not only protects your head from injury, but it is also a key element in avoiding exposure to the cold.

4. Make a plan: Let people know where you are going and when you plan on returning before you head out on a snowmobile trip. Do not go out on excursions alone unless it’s an emergency.

Richard Von Alvensleben is Chief Executive Officer and Sales Manager at OneUP Construction in Rocklin, California. The company purchases, renovates, and resells distressed properties. Mr. Von Alvensleben enjoys riding snowmobiles with his family in the mountains of Northern California.

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