Richard Von Alvensleben Offers Simple Tips for Snowmobile Safety

When not busy with his work as the Chief Executive Officer and Sales Manager of LKT, Inc. (d.b.a. OneUP Construction), Richard Von Alvensleben enjoys a number of hobbies, including snowmobiling with his family in northern California’s mountainous landscape. Below, Mr. Von Alvensleben offers a few tips for staying safe in the seat of a snowmobile.

First and foremost, be sure to prepare ahead of time for the ride. Obviously, snow is required, but you will want to avoid weather that is too intense. Your state’s Department of Natural Resources will often include trail conditions and maps on its website, so take advantage of these services and plan your ride before you go out. You will also need the proper attire: a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet and facemask, layered clothing, and specialized snowmobile gear.

When out on the trail, be sure to maintain safe speeds and stay to the right on trails. Never drink and ride. Alcohol has been involved in the vast majority of fatal snowmobile accidents. You should also never ride alone or with only one snowmobile; if you become stranded, help may not be able to reach you for a considerable period of time. Stay on the trail to avoid trespassing on private property and for safety, especially as hidden off-trail lakes may have thin ice.

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