About Richard Von Alvensleben

Richard Von Alvensleben earned an Associate degree in Marine Technology from Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). Afterward, as a commercial diver with the United States Antarctic Research Project (now the United States Antarctic Project, or USAP) for four years, Richard Von Alvensleben once spent four months installing equipment on the continent. The most important piece, a saltwater conversion machine, allowed 2,000 people there to have access to drinking water; he also installed corrosion markers. The USAP oversees research in Antarctica with the goal of expanding knowledge. It incorporates research vessels, stations, and field camps.

Richard Von Alvensleben next launched Associated Drilling, a construction organization in Morgan Hill, California, offering a full range of services. Alvensleben provided complete oversight for projects such as drilling for lampposts and structural foundations, including review of bids and crew management.

In 1993, Richard Von Alvensleben co-founded World Concepts LLC, which he also served as Sales Manager. Specializing in customer relations and developing sales teams throughout the country, Richard Von Alvensleben was responsible for half of the company’s 2005 sales, bringing in $100 million that year and propelling the firm onto the Inc. magazine list of 500 up-and-coming small businesses. He also oversaw all aspects of sales, from availability to delivery.

As Construction and Sales Manager for TKL Home Designs LLC, Richard Von Alvensleben heads the firm’s efforts in real estate sales. The company focuses on the purchase and sale of distressed properties, improving and then flipping the structures for a profit. Among Alvensleben’s achievements with TKL Home Designs are the maintenance of a real estate fund worth $40 million and the development of a 50-property rental fund worth $6 million. In its best year, the company purchased and resold more than 450 homes.

A proud supporter of his community, Richard Von Alvensleben performs work for Del Oro High School in Loomis, California. He also contributes financially to the school’s baseball and football teams.


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